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Founder David Morrissey and CEO Emma Wee were invited by the British High Commission in Pretoria and the Winnie Mabaso Foundation to visit Fine Town, a township just south of Johannesburg last week to do a  research visit  and explore the possibility of setting up a new CAST  project in the area. The response was very exciting and inspiring and we look forward to returning soon.

Details of the week can be seen on our CAST in SOUTH AFRICA page – and here is some of the press coverage that has appeared as the result of our visit:

CAST news

CAST is thrilled to announce that we have been invited by the British High Commission in Pretoria and Lisa Ashton from the Winnie Maboso Foundation in Finetown to visit the orphans. Whilst there , founder David Morrissey and CAST CEO Emma Wee will be visiting various schools and doing some taster workshops to see if CAST might be able to set up a project in the near future.

If you would like to help towards a project in South Africa, you can donate safely here on our Just Giving page


More news on our return!

CAST Youth Project

CAST news!


We’re happy to confirm dates for our new Youth Project that will be happening in Tyre next month from 19th – 25th ,  generously supported byTrust Greenbelt and the British Council in Beirut, we will be working with children who go to the schools that our Teachers from March work with, giving them a chance  to see and experience our workshops over a five day project

We will be taking Drama, dance, music  and design specialists over with us, and for the first time,  integrating local Palestinian artists into our teams. Also a first, we will be running a film course for the students which CAST founder David Morrissey will be teaching on.

Creativity, Inspiration and Sustainability is what we go by.

We need some help to buy some IFlips to run a film making course with the students in Lebanon next month- PLEASE can you spare a fiver to help us buy them?

Text CAST05£5 to 70070 to help create, inspire and tell some stories! ( and please share with your friends if you have a heart…;-)

I know you all have a little warmth you can share…I thank you now to those who have helped us before and thank you all who are about to do something special now…
Emma Wee (CEO CAST)

Just Giving Donations by Text

You can now donate easily to the work we do at CAST by text! Simply text ‘ CAST11£10′ to 70070 and you will have given enough to pay for one teacher to take part in an hour’s training session that will help transform their students lives…

Visual work like this is commonplace in our schools, but completely new as an idea in these classrooms.

broad CAST news...

This month CAST is pleased to have extended our  MOU with UNRWA and are proud to be continuing our partnership with them. This week we will be taking a team of artists to work with a group of teachers from the Tyre area in South Lebanon to run a course in Creative Teaching, thanks to generous support by the Yusef Islam Foundation .

Creative Teaching Update :

Our course  was an overwhelming success… we originally planned for 25 teachers from the camps and gatherings in the South, and ended up with 42! Everyone returned for each day , despite terrible weather and it was an exciting and inspiring time for both the teachers and the workshop leaders.

Here’s what some of the teachers on the last course had to say:

“… it helps us feel that we are all talented and I have more self confidence.” ” I learnt about teaching students through exciting methods” ” I will be using most of the techniques because I liked them and they can be applied in our schools” “I was expecting drama, or a theatre course but it was far more than that”

Click Here to view the finished film from our time in Lebanon showing the teachers, artists and the chief UNRWA area officer of the Tyre region.

We still need help raising funds for the youth project in Lebanon – we hope to hold the course in the Tyre area again, this time with the help of the teachers we have just worked with. Help us to continue helping these students and their teachers.

Photo – Jonathan Brady

Any bit of help you can give us would be fantastic – you can donate safely through our JustGiving page here: Thank you!

CAST is now on Twitter...

CAST is on Twitter… follow us @CASToutloud and keep up to date with what’s new ….

CAST Website Launch

CAST works in areas that have suffered as a result of conflict and  inspires creativity in vulnerable young people , helping them find their voice and produce their own projects.

We run 5 day workshops for 11- 17 year olds and intensive teacher training courses that use a range of arts techniques to integrate creative learning into schools that have no space or resources to  support them outside of the classroom.

In working with teachers we reach more children and the work becomes more sustainable, a key part of CAST.

Like a creative scaffold, we provide structure and support to projects until they are capable of sustaining themselves.

CAST is unique in the way we work with global communities. We look at local governments and at communities’ cultural and education needs. We then create workshops that fill the gaps in techniques and resources with exciting and inspirational projects for young people and their teachers.

Our training projects enable local teachers to integrate creative learning into their teaching practice without disrupting their timetables and can be adapted for both mainstream and special needs classes. Our Artist’s Network encourages artists from within the communities we work in to be part of our teams, meaning that the methods we pass on stay within the local area rather than leaving at the end of our projects.

Our main project is based in Lebanon where we are working with UNRWA to provide solutions to some of their education issues in the Palestinian refugee camps. For more information on CAST in Lebanon please click here.

Please take a look around our site to see more about what we do…

CAST NEWS: The Launch of the CAST  at the BFI Southbank.

On September the 30th CAST had its public launch at the BFI Southbank. It was a great night with the Palestinian Ambassador Professor Hassassian, Richard Curtis, Alison Steadman and Bill Nighy along with many other showing their support for our work. Many thanks to all those who came along and to those who have given so generously towards our projects since.

Photographs © Brian Roberts.

CAST projects for 2011.

We’re very excited to be planning our next round of projects in Lebanon, starting with the next Teacher’s project in early Spring and the Youth Project soon afterwards. Our continuing relationship with UNWRA and the British Embassy in Beirut ensures our work reaches those that most need it.

It would be an enormous help if you were able to help with these next project; the cost of running the Youth Drama Workshops per child is only £270…anything you can do to help by way of a donation would be appreciated.

You can now donate through the Just Giving website – please click here to send us a gift

Thank You.

How did CAST begin?

Actor/Director David Morrissey set up CAST after visiting the Palestinian camps in 2009 and realising there was something he could do to help the children there. To read about how the project came about click here.

CAST are proud to continue working in association with :

The launch of the C.A.S.T launch last Thursday the BFI Southbank  evening. It was a great night with the Palestinian Ambassador Professor Hassassian, Richard Curtis, Alison Steadman, Bil Nighy along with many others showing their support for our work.

Photo Coverage: Creative Arts Schools Trust – Launch and Fundraiser
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David Morrissey attends Creative Arts Schools Trust Launch and Fundraiser held at The BFI Delegate Centre on September 30, 2010 in London, England.
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Creative Arts Schools Trust – Launch and Fundraiser – WireImage
David Morrissey and Esther Freud attend the Creative Arts Schools. David Morrissey attends the Creative Arts Schools Trust event at .

Photo from Getty Images – Creative Arts Schools Trust – Launch and
LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 30: (UK TABLOID David Morrissey attends Creative Arts Schools Trust Launch and Fundraiser held at The BFI Delegate Centre on

Although Thursday’s event was a fantastic success in terms of raising awareness for the project and our work, we are some way short of the amount of money that we need to take the Youth Drama workshop to South Lebanon at the end of October. These are the children closest to the border with Israel and in most need of our help.

It would be of enormous help if you were able to help with this next project; the cost of running the Youth Drama Workshops per child is only £270… anything you can do to help by way of a donation will help.

Please download our  donation form to see how you can send us your gift. Thankyou.